Macedonian - Turkish business forum
Macedonia and Turkey have excellent opportunities for collaboration that should be used to enhance economic cooperation between both countries, which is currently being assessed as modest.

Turkey makes efforts to enlarge the trade exchange from €330 million to one billion euros. The basis for cooperation is set with the arrangement of free trade collaboration between the two countries, as well as opportunities to enhance cooperation with these types of business forums.

Around 200 Macedonian companies took participation in the business forum. In addition, the Macedonian prime minister visited the forum in Istanbul and talked to his colleague, the Turkish prime minister Erdogan.

The good political relations between the two countries do not follow the economic relations. Our goal is to reach trade exchange to almost one billion dollars, said the vice president of the Turkish-Macedonian Business Council, Tamer Turker.

He added that Macedonia has good economic cooperation with its neighbours and that Turkey should make efforts to achieve that level. According to him, Macedonia is Turkey's trade bridge to Europe.

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